Free Online Synthesizers (Part 3)

This is the third and final part of my posts detailing the best free online synthesizers I could find. There are plenty of awesome browser-based synths out there waiting to be played. In this final part, I’ll be sharing a few really awesome modular synthesizers. Of course, there are regular synths too. A little something for everyone.

Sympathetic Synthesizer

Here we have a surprisingly simple yet intuitive synth interface. It’s bright and colorful, and it contains all the basic features you would expect from an electronic sound machine. It’s got an envelope, filter, noise generator, LFO, and three oscillators. Effective and deep, but not too complicated.

If you’re new to synthesizers and sound design, this can be a fun starting point.

sympathetic synth


Patchwork Modular Synth

Patchwork is a full-fledged online modular synth. If you’re not familiar with what the signal chain of a synthesizer looks like, you will have a bit of a learning curve with this synth. The options are endless though, and you can create music using their oscillators and sequencers or your own audio files that you upload. There are multiple FX options available, and theoretically you could have a twelve oscillator synth if you feed mixers into more mixers. Check it out and get creative!

patchwork synth



PatternSketch is a hybrid. It features emulations of famous drum machines like the TR-909 and TR-808, but it also adds in synth and bass notes so you can make a rudimentary song. The layout however, is reminiscent of the Tenuri-on instrument.


And that concludes part three of this series. Click here for part two, or go back to part 1 if you’d like!


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